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Lenny-Agnes has been diagnosed with Cri-du-Chat, this he will experience a number of symptoms such as the high pitched cat-like cry, wide spaced eyes, weak muscle tone, low weight and height, small head size, and low motor coordination. Lenny-Agnes has some breathing and feeding problems, thus Lenny will want to start eating more puréed foods longe Ethan the average kid. He had perfect vision, but his hearing is very over sensitive. Since his 5p 15.2 wasn’t deleted much, Lenny’s intellectual abilities will not be delayed as much as predicted at first, but he will still face some motor coordination issues, he has a bit of a curvature in his spine, resulting in his back being a little curved as well. Based on his symptoms now, I am predicting Lenny-Agnes will be on the mild scale of this disorder due to only the tip of the 5th chromosome being deleted. There is no cure for this disorder, however there is research being done to determine the specific locations on chromosome 5, to see if the traits and locations are linked. The identifications of Cri-du-Chat being combined with other genetic mutations could help geneticist to predict how much of the disorder will affect the patient.  Although there is some treatments that can be used to help Lenny-Agnes, such as consistent educational interventions, and physical and language therapy. With the support of his family, Lenny-Agnes should see a medical geneticist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist. Lenny should be able to overcome these delays in communication and I hope he will succeed in that. About 1 in 50,000 babies get Cri-du-Chat globally, with one boy becoming affected for very 3 girls. Lastly, I would advise getting Lenny-Agnes some assistive equipment such as walkers, car seats, orthotics, special grips, and a computer which can talk for him at times.   
-Lisa NewCar

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