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More on Lenny's Condition

I took some of Lenny-Agnes’s blood (AB-) and ran it through to see if there was any hereditary or chromosomal disorders. Lenny Agnes did test positive for Cri-du-Chat, where the 5p 15.3 genes have been deleted (terminal deletion) on the P arm of the 5th chromosome. Cri-du-Chat, is an autosomal disorder, that is neither domains nor recessive, since the carriers of the disorder can have the same deletion of 5p 15.3, but not be affected by it, as well as the disorder not being able to be passed down by any unaffected parents. And although 85% of affected Cri-du-Chat people have gotten the disorder through a mishap in reproduction with the egg and sperm, there is the remaining 15% that inherits the disorder. There was a 50% chance of Lenny-Agnes’s father passing it down to him, since his mother was unaffected but his father was a carrier. Lenny-Agnes’ father had carried a balance translocation meaning he had a rearrangement of chromosome 5, although no genetic material was gained or lost. Therefor, Lenny-Agnes’s father was unaffected, but when it was passed down to Lenny-Agnes, there was a 2-4% chance that the balanced translocation became unstable to turn into an unbalanced translocation. It unfortunately did come to that reality, in which Lenny-Agnes became one out of the 50,000 kids to develop Cri-du-Chat. 
-Dr. Shade D.

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